Friday, January 24, 2014

Cybersecurity Education And Research Centre (CERC) Of India

Cyber security is a specialised field that requires a totally different orientation unlike the traditional educational system. India is a slow mover when it comes to cyber security adoption. It is only in the year 2013 that the cyber security policy of India was announced. 

As India has ignored the cyber security field for a very long period, both technically as well as legally, India is finding it difficult to regulate cyber security related issues. Neither individuals nor companies are interested in fulfilling with additional cyber security obligations. The shortcomings of Indian cyber security initiatives have been marvelously covered by the cyber security trends of India (Pdf) as provided by Perry4Law Organisation.

Not only there is a lack of cyber security awareness in India but even cyber security capabilities of India need to be enhanced. There are very few cyber security research and educational centres in India. Further, we have a single techno legal cybersecurity education and research centre (CERC) of India managed by Perry4Law’s Techno Legal Base (PTLB).

The CERC of PTLB would play a crucial role in meeting the training objectives of the cyber security policy of India that has clearly mandated that Indian needs a cyber security trained workforce. However, there is a big problem in achieving this objective of Indian government. Presently there are very few institutions in India that are providing cyber security trainings and skills development in India.

This has increased the importance of institutions like PTLB that provide online cyber security trainings and skills development in India. Not only this, PTLB is also providing the exclusive techno legal skills development and trainings in India through its distance learning and e-learning model.

What is unique about these initiatives of PTLB is that they provide both technical and legal inputs to Indian government and private sector. These techno legal cyber security inputs can be readily adopted by Indian government. In fact, many of the suggestions and recommendations of perry4Law Organisation and PTLB have already been accepted and incorporated into various cyber security initiatives declared by Indian government from time to time.

It is only natural that the initiatives of Perry4Law and PTLB would be essential part of the cyber security policies and strategies of Indian government from time to time to ensure that they become really successful.

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