Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Indian Cyber Security Trends 2014 By CECSRDI

Cyber breaches have kept the governments, individuals and companies around the world busy in 2014 in protecting their interests and assets. India has also taken few steps in 2014 in the cyber security field though they are of preliminary nature.

The annual cyber security trend of Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) is out. This supplement the previous year trends name cyber security trends and developments of India 2013 (PDF). For the year 2014, P4LO has provided the cyber security trends and developments in India 2014. Further, the CECSRDI Twitter account of P4LO is a very good place to get first hand information about cyber security of India.

Some of the areas covered by the cyber security trends 2014 are policy and legal framework, national cyber coordination centre, bitcoins, e-commerce websites, cyber security obligations of directors, etc.

India has been facing many cyber security challenges that are not easy to tackle. The year 2014 did not witness taking of any effective steps by Indian government to tackle these challenges. The international nature of cyber attacks would require a totally different approach towards cyber crimes and cyber security in India. Keeping this in mind, even the cyber law of India would be required to be suitably amended or repealed.

The winter session of Indian Parliament is already over with not much legislative success. Let us hope that in the next session of Parliament, India would pay attention to cyber law and cyber security related legal and regulatory issues.

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