Monday, December 17, 2012

Critical ICT Infrastructure Protection Policy Of India

Critical ICT Infrastructure Protection in India is in news thanks to the India US Homeland Security Dialogue. India has to go a long way before it can effectively protect its Critical ICT Infrastructures from Cyber Attacks. India is also all alone in its initiatives irrespective of Bilateral Agreements as there is no “International Norms” in this regard.

Further, absence of Cyber Security in India and Cyber Security Policy and Strategy of India has further complicated the matter. Naturally Indian Cyberspace is Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks, Cyber Terrorism, Cyber Warfare and Cyber Espionage. Absence of Cyber Warfare Policy of India has further complicated this situation.

At Perry4Law and Perry4Law’s Techno Legal Base (PTLB) we are working in the direction of formulating a world class Critical ICT Infrastructure protection Policy of India. We are analysing the “International Best Practices” in this regard so that a “Composite Policy” can be formulated in this regard.

We have also opened a Techno Legal Cyber Security Research and Training Centre (CSRTCI) that is analysing Techno Legal aspects of Cyber Law, Cyber Security, Cyber Forensics, Cyber Warfare, Cyber Espionage, Critical ICT Infrastructure Protection (CIIP), etc.

See ICTPS Blog for more.

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