Thursday, December 20, 2012

National Cyber Security Database Of India (NCSDI)

Cyber security field requires dedicated and collaborative efforts on the part of various stakeholders. Cyber Security In India also requires such collaborative efforts where public private partnership (PPP) can be really handy.

Cyber Security Issues In India are too much and too complicated to be managed by a single organisation or individual. At Perry4Law’s Techno Legal Base (PTLB) we believe that cyber security is a techno legal field that requires techno legal expertise. We also believe that we must develop both Offensive And Defensive Cyber Security Capabilities In India.

In other words, Cyber Security Skills And Capabilities Development In India must be ensured as soon as possible. PTLB E-Learning Platform has been working in this direction for long.

In order to make our cyber security efforts more robust, effective and holistic, PTLB has launched the first ever techno legal national cyber security database of India (NCSDI). Those interested in enrolling with NCSDI must read the enrolment criteria for the same.

Managing India’s Cyber Security Problems, Issues And Challenges is not an easy task. Without good collaboration and concrete steps in this direction, Cyber Security Issues And Problems In India cannot be resolved.

Keeping these cyber security mandates in mind, PTLB has been operating the exclusive techno legal Cyber Security Research Centre Of India (CSRCI) and NCSDI is an integral part of the same. We hope the Cyber Security Projects And Initiatives Of PTLB would prove useful to all concerned.

Source: Cyber Security Research Centre Of India.

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