Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cyber Terrorism Against India And Its Defences And Solutions

Cyber terrorism in India is not a new concept. However, for long concepts like cyber warfare, cyber terrorism, etc were not taken seriously by Indian government. Naturally, cyber security in India also could not flourish. The cyber security capabilities of India also could not develop in such circumstances.

Techno legal experts of India have been warning against growing incidences of cyber attacks, cyber crimes, cyber espionages, etc against India. Further, the fact that critical infrastructure protection in India is needed has also been reiterated from time to time.

Sophisticated malware like Stuxnet and Duqu have already proved that critical infrastructures around the world like power grids, nuclear facilities, satellites, defense networks, governmental informatics infrastructures, etc are vulnerable to diverse range of cyber attacks. The truth is that cyber attacks are affecting Indian critical infrastructure and we are not even aware of the same.

The cyber law, cyber crimes and cyber security trends by Perry4Law and Perry4Law’s Techno Legal Base (PTLB) have shown the loopholes of Indian cyber security capabilities. It is high time to plug in these loopholes and deficiencies of Indian cyber security capabilities.

Menaces like cyber terrorism and cyber warfare cannot be effectively tackled till we have both offensive and defensive cyber security capabilities. Further, cyber crisis management plan of India must be urgently formulated and effectively implemented so that cyber terrorism can be prevented in India.  

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